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Egyptian communications specialist, strategist, organisational consultant, coach, writer and photographer. Co-founder of Align, a new consultancy where we help organisations find alignment through strategy, support, facilitation and coaching. My career has focused mostly on using written, spoken and visual mediums in support of environmental causes, both in the Arab World and globally.
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As UN climate talks begin: The Global Climate Movement rises
The UN climate talks (COP23) open today in Bonn against a backdrop that is as mixed as ever – on the one hand, we have grim news depicting wars, famines, poverty, financial instabilities, terrorist attacks, the rise of extremism (in political spheres and elsewhere) and the resulting forced mass migration, to name just a few ongoing crises. But look behind the fear-mongering, and another reality is not far behind!…
Culture, Climate Change and the Real Cost of Coal
This week, an important meeting of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee came to an underwhelming end; thousands of people across the world were hoping the Committee, in its 41st session just concluded in Poland, would live up to its mandate, prioritise culture over coal, and declare as “In Danger” sites…
The Global Movement To Divest From Fossil Fuels Is Unstoppable
Over the past 10 days the pressure to break ties with the fossil fuel industry has never been greater, as thousands of people attended over 260 events in 45 countries on six continents during the Global Divestment Mobilisation (GDM), demanding institutions divest from fossil fuels. At a time when governments are failing…
The Truth the Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know
The future is not looking good for the fossil fuel industry. The rise of renewable energy and climate policy agreements have created a tipping point marking the end of the dominance of hydrocarbons. Despite the claims that our energy mix can’t function without it, everyday there is news of the closing of coal mines, oil companies moving out of projects, and increased uptake of renewable energy. Dirty energy is no longer profitable…
The Global Climate Movement is More Powerful than Trump
As the Marrakesh Climate Talks come to an end, there is no denying that the global political landscape has changed with Donald Trump’s election win. But the global climate community remains steadfast. As people from every continent who have spent our lives working for social justice, climate action, and a better future for all, we believe that this is the time …
Zero is the essential number for climate action
Prospecting for new fossil fuel has to end if the world is to meet its commitments to curb climate change. The most important number in the world of climate action is ZERO: that is how many new fossil fuel projects world leaders can approve and still keep the promises they made under the Paris Climate Agreement, which comes into force today. The encouraging news…
As global temperatures continue to rise, so will people
With countries still approving new fossil fuel energy plants, it’s time for people to hold them accountable. For a total of 12 days, tens of thousands of people, in 13 countries took part in an unprecedented world-wide action against fossil fuels, clearly demonstrating the climate movement’s unwavering resolve to keep all coal, oil and gas is in the ground. Amassing under the banner of ‘Break Free’ the aim was to peacefully challenge…
The Global South: The Heart of the Break Free Movement
Communities worldwide, especially in the resource-rich Global South, have been fighting against the environmental, social, economic and political destruction inflicted by the fossil fuel industry for decades. Unfortunately many in power in developing economies still cling to the fallacy that progress is only possible by using fossil fuels, rather than taking the opportunity to…

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